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Welcome to Jack Kugelmass.com

Practice in Social Work

As a Social Worker Jack’s passion is to help children, teens and adults feel connected in their family, community and in a caring world.

Social Work services include:

  • Counselling, family, individuals and couples
  • Helping families care for the elderly the ill and the disabled
  • Helping children cope with school issues such as bullying and other social concerns
  • Counselling Teen adolescent problems
  • Counselling families and couples about issues pertaining to religion
  • Counselling families about issues related to LGBT
  •  EAP
  • Lectures, workshops, film series, book reviews

Insurance Benefit Coverage

For information regarding insurance coverage, check with your insurance plan administrator.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

All client information is strictly confidential. A copy of Jack’s privacy policy is available on request.