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Family Issues Related to Sexual Orientation

When a child announces that she/he has ‘different sexual orientation’ this can be very confusing and shaming for parents and siblings.

The painful feelings can sometimes lead to rejection, which is then doubly painful for everybody. It is sometimes helpful for parents and siblings to meet other parents and siblings who are also struggling with these emotions. Such educational meetings, allows for the expression of common feelings and the promotion of more understanding whilst working out these complicated issues within ourselves. Similarly, one can work on these issues in family or individual counseling.

Discharge From Hospital for Patients and Families

Hospitalization is usually an upsetting experience for patients AND their families.

All suffer some kind of social, emotional and/or economic disruption. If the patient is to return home, to a stable and caring environment, there is usually little need for a social worker. However, in the event that a person’s health is such that the family feels that it is unsafe to return home and/or are in disagreement with the hospital authorities about the discharge plan, a social worker is most able to assist in the short and longer term. It is all the more necessary at such times when families and patients are in considerable distress and need sound, unbiased and wise counsel.

Families, Children and Bullying

Bullying has been around for a long time. It is only in recent years that it has garnered the necessary attention that is required in order that the problem be addressed.

Bullying is painful for the victim, his or her family. Families need help in naming the trauma, and in healing from the emotional injuries sustained. They also may need help in confronting the bully and the system that allows and/or ignores the problem. It should also be noted that the family of the child who is seen and/or accused of bullying, may also need help.